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Written by Elena Hernandez, Directed by Makayla Camille

A dazed young woman navigates the day after a life-changing breakup.
Starring Grace Dumdaw & Grace Adkins

BIPOC/POC Winner of The Luna Collective 2023 Digital Film Festival


Written and Directed by Makayla Camille

Reflections of inner turmoil.
Starring Makayla Camille

We are an independent media production company for all things entertainment and art. Monopoly is co-founded by two best friends with the ultimate goal of showcasing and uplifting underrepresented talent. We hope to become a go-to resource for those seeking an inclusive and exciting community.Monopoly welcomes all creatives from filmmakers, studio artists, writers, and musicians to join us and begin forging meaningful and inspiring artistic projects.- xoxo,

Elena Hernandez

Elena HernandezCofounderElena is a Chicana writer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. She is passionate about Film & TV and music; her love for storytelling is rooted in the desire to uplift others with never-ending comedy and empathy.

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Makayla Booker

Makayla CamilleCofounderMakayla is a Black queer photographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Obsessed with cinematography, portrait and editorial photography, she is an avid creator inspired by visual stories.

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